We’re a branding agency of leading strategic and creative thinkers, all winners of national and international awards. Our mothers also speak very highly of us.

We believe in the power of creativity and collaboration, trust, truth, and good coffee.

We prefer to be seen as media-agnostic strategic partners who offer creative solutions, not just ad campaigns.

Sophie Masson
Experiential Creative Producer

Sophie was the founder of Manifest, Canada’s first creative experiential company. She has collaborated with Moment Factory, Crispin Porter Bogusky, BBDO, Sid Lee and Taxi. Now she aims to create and produce experiences for brands guided by a moral compass. She is interested in new experiential models that can serve brands, communities and the planet.

Daniel Andreani
Creative Lead

Daniel started his career as art director for award-winning global creative powerhouse TAXI, He later joined creative boutique Sid Lee as creative director and partner, followed by a few years as executive creative director for BBDO.

Amy Winhoven
Senior Planner

Amy is a 20 year+ strategic and creative brand communications executive who believes that brands can genuinely make peoples’ lives better.

Eva Van Den Bulcke

Eva is a director that creates deep experiences between brands and consumers to develop rich communities that encourage good deeds.

Rob McGee
Social Media Strategist

Rob is a seasoned social strategist focused on building meaningful social programs for brands that care about using social media as an integrated medium.

Senior Copywriter / Creative Director

With a Masters Degree and more than 17 years experience in the advertising industry, Scojo has led projects for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Dean McBeth
Planner / Digital Strategist
Shepherd Founder

Dean is a global award-winning strategist, creative director, social media pioneer, marketer and speaker. From Old Spice to Nike, his work is instantly recognizable in the ad industry.

Paul Sincoff
Senior Copywriter / Creative Director

Paul is an award winning creative director and writer. After being fired by some of the best agencies in the country, he landed in Portland, OR where his remains… sorry, where HE remains a much sought-after freelancer.

Julie Goodrich
Producer / Project Manager

Julie’s area of expertise is project management and production. She has worked on short and long-form video for social media and traditional broadcast.

Ken Opalsky
Senior Copywriter / Creative Director

What Ken writes sells and he’s not afraid to admit it. TV, print, online, mobile, 360º, direct, bumper stickers, matchbooks and cocktail napkins. Whatever it takes, he gets it done.